8_Blair - 8 Blair New Labour and Tony Blair I. Background...

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8 Blair 1 New Labour and Tony Blair I. Background to Blair 1 Labour's failure in economic management Problem of the unions: Barrier to economic management & the Labour Party’s close identification with the unions becomes an electoral liability Thatcher's reforms Thatcher's transformation of culture? Radicalization of Labour in early 1980s: II. Changes before Blair 1. Policies: All of the radical positions of the early 1980s were abandoned by the time of the 1992 election. 2. Relationship to the trade unions: Reduced union influence in the party 3. Increased role of women, due to pressure from women in the party III. Background to Blair 2: Major's Growing Unpopularity III. Tony Blair's New Labour Prior to the 1997 Election Tony Blair declared that New Labour would pursue a 'third way beyond an Old Left preoccupied by state control, high taxation, and producer interests; and a New Right treating public investment, and often the very notions of a "society" and collective endeavour as evils to be undone.' A. Replaced of old clause 4, with Labour's Aims and Values (see below) B. New policies Fiscal conservatism – no budget deficit across economic cycle, reduce debt, target inflation (not employment) with interest rate policy No increase in total taxation (% of GDP) Fight poverty and promote equal opportunity, inequality doesn't matter if it is a matter of the rich getting richer No welfare handout, no rights without responsibilities Promote paid work ethic Investment in human capital (health, education) Investment in children 3. Further distance from unions – no special status, just another interest group
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8 Blair 2 4. Constitutional reform: abolish hereditary peers, devolution to Scottish and Welsh
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8_Blair - 8 Blair New Labour and Tony Blair I. Background...

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