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ME/ECE 141A Intro to Nanotechnology January 7, 2009 Final Project For your final project, you will choose a nano-category (ie. modeled after the book chapters). This can include scaling laws, materials, mechanics, electronics, heat transfer, photonics, fluids or biology. You may work in groups from 1-4 people. In a 3-5 page write-up, groups must give an accurate technical description of the nano- scale phenomenon they are investigating along with a creative and accurate way to portray this information to a wide range of people. Current and future applications of this technology should be included where applicable as well as what the implications are. Be creative and think fifty years down the line. Some examples include: Nanoparticles as a drug delivery method Fullerenes used to kill bacteria Electron Double Layer as a way to separate atoms or molecules Photonic properties at the nano-scale In addition to a write-up, groups must present their project physically, visually or
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