hw_1 - ME/ECE 141A Nanotechnology Homework#1 Due Homework#1...

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ME/ECE 141A – Nanotechnology Homework #1 Due: 1/12/2009 1 of 3 Homework #1 – Due Monday Jan 12, 2009 Essay #1 Write a 2-4 page (500-2500 word) essay on a nanotechnology company, product or technical research paper. The paper should have the following format and sections: Abstract: (< ~300 words) Summary of the company, product, or research work. Introduction to technology/Background: (~100-300 words) An introduction to the field of research that this company, product or research paper is in, what makes your choice “nano” technology, and why picked your choice of topic (ie. background about why it is important, and what sort of impact is has on you and the world) Main Description (~250-2000 words) The main technical description of the company, product or research paper. How the nanotechnology works, what is truly innovative about the idea. Discussion and Conclusions (~200-2000 words) What your thoughts on this particular topic are. Be creative: bring up implications of technology, your thoughts on the future of the technology, what other products/companies/research can spawn from this work, etc… This part is meant to expand your mind to all the future possibilities, don’t be afraid to be overly creative and exploratory. Be creative and explore what is out there before you decide your topic. I have provided three websites that have Nano-based products, companies and papers but don’t feel limited by this. http://www.nanotech-now.com/business.htm
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hw_1 - ME/ECE 141A Nanotechnology Homework#1 Due Homework#1...

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