Module 1-3 - Psychology 101 Module 1 The History and Scope...

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Psychology 101 Module 1- The History and Scope of Psychology Psychology - the scientific study of behavior and mental processes Behavior is anything an organism does (recordable and observable info) Mental processes- internal, subjective experiences we infer from behavior (sensations, dreams etc…) Socrates and Plato and Descartes mind and body are separate; knowledge is born within us John Locke- tabula rasa helped to form empiricism (knowledge originates in experience and science should rely on observation and experimentation Structuralism - Edward Bradford Titchener self-reflective introspection (looking into oneself) CU Functionalist - William James; encouraged explorations of down-to-earth emotions, memories, will power, habits and stream of consciousness [ Mary Calkins ] Humanist Psychology- response to Freudian psychology and behaviorism (science is rooted in observation) 1960’s= Cognitive revolution: importance of considering internal thought processes Cognitive neuroscience- study of the interaction of thought processes and brain function Nature vs. Nurture - big debate among theorists and philosophers Natural Selection- Darwin; evolution Biopsychosocial approach- considers the influences of biological, psychological and social-cultural factors Psychologists and Basic Research-
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Module 1-3 - Psychology 101 Module 1 The History and Scope...

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