hw_2 - ME/ECE 141A - Intro to Nanotechnology Homework 2 due...

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Unformatted text preview: ME/ECE 141A - Intro to Nanotechnology Homework 2 due 2pm 1/16/09 Please complete these 9 problems and turn them in to Prof. Pennathurs office, room 2330 in Engineering II, by 2pm on Friday, January 16. Show your work and always indicate what units you are using whenever you write a number! Google Calculator can help you convert from furlongs per fortnight to m/s on the homework, but make sure you know how to do the conversions by hand for the exam. Vivas office hours are Tuesday from 3pm to 5pm in ESB room 2328. You dont have much time to complete this assignment so be sure to get started! In consideration of the short time, if you need an extension, you can ask for one, but only homeworks handed in on time can be graded before Exam 1. Final Project reminder : Please pick project groups and the general topic for your project by Wednesday (via e-mail or in class). Problem 1 Scaling questions. Please write down as much as possible and cite your source when relevant. (a) How many square nanometers is a standard piece of paper? (b) How many cubic nanometers is the volume of Storke Tower? (c) How many nanoliters are in a gallon of milk? (d) How many nanowatts does it take to power an iPod? (e) How many nanograms is the mass of the earth? Problem 2 In Richard Feynmans Lectures Theres Plenty of Room at the Bottom (1959) and Tiny Ma- chines (1984) he asserts that all of the knowledge of humanity (textual knowledge at the time of his lecture) can be stored in a volume the size of the smallest dust particle. (a) Follow his assumptions and do this calculation based on the data he provides from 1959....
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This note was uploaded on 03/23/2009 for the course ME 141A taught by Professor Pennathur during the Winter '09 term at UCSB.

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hw_2 - ME/ECE 141A - Intro to Nanotechnology Homework 2 due...

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