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hw_3 - be a hydrophobic surface for a windshield coating...

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ME/ECE 141A - Intro to Nanotechnology Homework 3 due 1/28/09 Please complete these 6 problems, due January 28, 2009. Show your work and always indicate what units you are using whenever you write a number! If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Pennathur. Viva will be out of the country this week (sorry!). Writing Problem 1. Find one example of a nanomaterial being used in society in a product. This could
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Unformatted text preview: be a hydrophobic surface for a windshield coating, fullerenes for water purification, etc. Explain in your own words, in about a paragraph, how this nanomaterial works and why (or why not!) it must be nanoscale. Textbook problem 4.10 Textbook problem 4.13 Textbook problem 4.16 Textbook problem 4.18 Textbook problem 4.28...
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