GEOG 1992 Debate 4

GEOG 1992 Debate 4 - #2 Who is responsible for the enormous...

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#2 Who is responsible for the enormous flow of immigrants from Mexico to the United States? First of all both the United States government and Mexican government are to blame in this situation. This is an appealing country to live in. The US expects people to want to come here to work even if that means illegally. Who can blame them for doing so? All they have in mind is the love for their families and being able to support them financially. Who can blame them for doing what it takes to get to America where they have been fooled into believing that all their dreams will come true. It’s not true. Coming into this country illegally is just as bad or if not worse than where you were to begin with. Some illegal immigrants would probably have been better off at home with their unsatisfactory job. At least they would be near their families instead of trapped in this “underground economy” where they are exploited and sometimes robbed of basic human rights. It’s just not right. But it’s not their fault. They don’t know what rights are. They’re afraid to
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