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GEOG 1992 Debate 5

GEOG 1992 Debate 5 - workers Visas would also be offered to...

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What would an ideal immigration policy look like? The ideal immigration policy would end illegal immigration by enacting laws that ensure that every job is held by individuals legally authorized to work in this country. Where the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 failed, the Service Employees International Union and UITE/HERE's immigration policy will succeed. Our comprehensive plan will include four main points: 1. Vigorous Labor and Civil Rights law enforcement. Workers must have rights under local, state and federal labor and civil rights laws. These laws would need to be enforced by governmental and non-governmental agencies to ensure that all workers' rights are protected. Employers who exploit their employees would be severely punished. 2. Keeping Families together. An increase in visas would reunite families with legally authorized
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Unformatted text preview: workers. Visas would also be offered to new workers because their families should be able to come with them. If we keep workers together, then they will be full participants in their communities and workplaces. 3. Electronic Employment Verification System. Since the government is likely to include some form of EEVS, we propose that it must protect workers from abuse. The EEVS should be tested for all deficiencies before being applied to the general public. Workers' due process rights should still be protected. 4. Due Process Protections. We will not support any proposals that erode immigrants' due process rights. The relationship between immigrants and law enforcement must remain honorable....
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