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THTR 3011 Live Performance I

THTR 3011 Live Performance I - THTR 3011 Live Performance I...

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February 28, 2008 THTR 3011 Live Performance I Surrounded by hundreds of show-goers, I found myself a bit overwhelmed by the hordes of people brushing past me in what seemed to be a movie. Every guy that I had touched shoulders with was wearing khakis and a button down shirt, accompanied with a tie and matching jacket. The ladies walked swiftly as if there were no time to waste, but I don’t know how they did it in those high heels. I was in the middle of this concrete jungle, surrounded by thousands of people and brilliantly designed signs hanging right above my head. There really was no business like show business. The Denver Center for The Performing Arts is not only an enormous attraction, but a central hotspot for thousands of show-goers and performers daily, especially on the weekends. All I really wanted was to find the Garner Galleria Theatre, so I could attend my first musical that the New York Post raved, “the most sophisticated score we’ve seen in New York in some time.” The time was drawing near to the opening hour and after I embraced being smothered by veteran critics, I managed to slip through the crowd, down the decorated central-walkway to a small theatre next to the gigantic opera house to get my ticket from will call. The line into the Garner was very short, which made me nervous at first. I thought to myself, “Oh gosh, am I late? Did they change the time of the show? Maybe there’s no one here because The Last Five Years really bombed out in Denver. I need to stick this out otherwise Jeanine will kill me! I’ll kill myself because I spent $45 dollars on this ticket!” In the midst of thinking to myself, a light shadow appeared in front of me on the ground. They were other show-goers, a younger couple that I could have mistaken as
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University of Colorado students. What a sigh of relief. Turns out they were thinking the
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THTR 3011 Live Performance I - THTR 3011 Live Performance I...

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