GEOG 1992 Debate 1

GEOG 1992 Debate 1 - The United States was founded on the...

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The United States was founded on the basis of freedom. As you know we are all a product of immigrants that came to this country, some as refugees and some looking for economic prosperity. Today we are standing here to protect and preserve everything that our country was founded on and to create a strong and successful future that isn’t divided by natives and immigrants, but as a country that is united with the goal of being prosperous, equally. The immigration system is broken because the hard working people have to live in the shadows, afraid of what lies around the corner. At any given moment, these hard working people can be ripped from their home and loved ones. We all benefit significantly from their presence, but these immigrants are subject to harsh sanctions. It’s unjust to exploit them with pressure on wages and working conditions. In fact, these new workers should be admitted into the country if wages and working conditions are fair for both immigrant and native-born workers. These hard working people sweat hard every day to feed and encourage a better
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