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GEOG 1992 Debate 3

GEOG 1992 Debate 3 - care and more secure jobs for our...

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September 26, 2007 Geography 1992 Section 109 Debate 1: US Immigration Policy - Team D. US Labor o Fred Feinstein’s Position on behalf of Service Employees International Union and UNITE/HERE 1. Introduction Molly, Maegan, Jamie, Angelica a. We will be testifying on behalf of the Service Employees International Union and UNITE/HERE i. SEIU is the fastest-growing union in North America, with 1.9 million members in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This group is focused on uniting workers in four sectors–-hospital systems , long term care , property services , and public services –-SEIU is the largest health care union, the largest property services union, and the second-largest public employees union. SEIU members are winning better wages, health
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Unformatted text preview: care, and more secure jobs for our communities, while uniting their strength with their counterparts around the world to help ensure that workers, not just corporations and CEOs, benefit from today's global economy. ii. UNITE/HERE is the largest union working towards workers rights in many different aspects of the service industry b. What would an ideal immigration policy look like? c. Who is responsible for the enormous flow of immigrants from Mexico to the United States? d. Do immigrants have rights in the US? What rights? What rights to the US citizens have? 2. Write down points while listening to other groups present. Angelica, Maegan, Jamie, Aaron, Molly 3. Rebuttal Aaron...
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