GEOG 1992 Debate 2

GEOG 1992 Debate 2 - 1. Do immigrants have rights in the...

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1. Do immigrants have rights in the United States? What rights? What rights to US citizens have? a. Once immigrants come to the United States and become legitimized citizens they do have rights, but they must go through the proper procedures to become citizens. Also once they are a citizen, natural born or just taken the test and passed, they are citizens, they have the same rights as everyone else. b. New worker program – SEIU and UNITE/HERE recognize the need for new workers in the low wage sector of our expanding economy. However, any new worker program must include worker protections including: portability of visas so that workers can change jobs, the right to join unions and have full labor rights, the right of immigrants to bring their families with them, and the ability to self petition for permanent residency and citizenship. Visas should not be tied to employers who can threaten workers with deportation if not compliant. We must craft a new worker program that will include accurate mechanisms to determine
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