HE-stressmanagment - Kendice Ogilvie March 3, 2009 HE 1100...

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Unformatted text preview: Kendice Ogilvie March 3, 2009 HE 1100 Midterm Assessment Stress Management Being involved in a varsity sport and being subjected to one of the most prestiges universities in all of America while being over three thousand miles away from home can sometimes be a little much. One of the largest stress factors currently is school. This semester I am enrolled in General Chemistry 2080, Animal Science 1160, AEM 1200, Writing 1380, HE 1100 and a supplement class Chemistry 1008 all totaling up to sixteen credits. I t may not seem like a lot of a regular student, but to a student committed to a varsity sport it can be overwhelming. Starting off the semester I knew that it would be challenging for me, so I decided I needed to keep on top of all my work and never get behind, furthermore saying it is easier then following through with it. I have sacrificed my sleep and staying in touch with my family to try and finish a problem set, lab report or an essay, furthermore leaving me feeling overwhelmed. This past week has been the worst for me because of pre-lims. I had a Chemistry pre-lim and AEM pre-lim in the same night. I started studying the week before because I knew that I had to be 1 Kendice Ogilvie March 3, 2009 HE 1100 Midterm Assessment able retain a lot of information. Also we had been talking about incubation so I figured that would be a better method then cramming and freaking out before the exam. During this last week and a half I have also been skipping meals to go to office hours and get help with chemistry or to get my homework done. However since I am a varsity athlete I get a lot of exercise, and I get to hang out with my friends while playing the game I love. Although I love the sport, hockey does sometimes cause me some grief. I never know what the coaches are thinking, whether they like the way I have been playing or whether I need to step it up. I am always hoping to get on the penalty kill or power play so I work so hard in practice to try and show the coaches that I can do it, I can handle it, but it seems that my hard efforts sometimes go unnoticed. That is never a good feeling, working relentless day...
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This note was uploaded on 03/23/2009 for the course HE 1100 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '09 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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HE-stressmanagment - Kendice Ogilvie March 3, 2009 HE 1100...

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