SOCY 3046 Journal 2

SOCY 3046 Journal 2 - SOCY/WOST 3046 Journal Entry 2 Class...

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SOCY/WOST 3046 Journal Entry 2 Class 3 “Love, Hate, Rape, Lynching: Rebecca Latimer Felton and the Gender Politics of Racial Violence” The beginning of this article talks about post Civil War activities that were taking place in the South. White men were accusing black men of sexual misconduct that were being done to white women such as rape and other things that seemed to be pretty far fetched. These claims were made against black men to give the white men a reason to start lynching black men without any kind of trial. Although some of these accusations could perhaps have been true, the white men in my mind were trying to once again subdue black men by torturing and killing them. They were doing this because they felt threatened by the black men’s economic, political, and educational progression. The article goes on to talk about Rebecca Latimer Felton. She gave speeches throughout the South, her issues centered on improved educational benefits for white women and the lynching of black men. She was famous for saying, “If it will save one white women, I say lynch a thousand black men.” In my opinion this just goes to show how the ignorance of white men was passed on to white women. Even if there was a rapist among the black community, it is crazy to think that every black man in the South was a rapist. I would think that she used this statement to try and gain support from the Southern white men
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SOCY 3046 Journal 2 - SOCY/WOST 3046 Journal Entry 2 Class...

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