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October 18, 2007 GEOG 1992 Turkey Debate Position #2 1) Should Turkey be granted full membership in the EU? If not, what should membership look like (if at any at all)? No because Turkey needs to develop its economic and political combinations well in advance before it can join the EU. Once this happens the EU can develop the economic conditions for accession in more detail. The EU should demand that Turkey take over specific EU rules and regulations. The EU will encourage Turkey to revamp its state government to make sure that EU rules are enforced. The EU should set additional circumstances for democracy and human rights, to address many problems such as honour killings and violence against women. The EU will keep influencing Turkey to make further changes throughout the entire accession process. Turkish accession is unpopular in the EU because it forces Europeans to confront primary doubts about who they are, which values they share, and how open their societies can and should be. 2) How should Europe be defined? Is Turkey European?
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