Pathology3 Athero - Atherosclerosis I. Definition a....

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Atherosclerosis I. Definition a. Arterial perfusion falls short of metabolic need b. Narrowing of blocking of an artier by atherosclerosis causing ischemia distal to the blockage point c. Blockage of occlusion composed of platelets adhering/aggregating, leading to a plug d. Plug is a thrombus (solid mass formed in circulatory system) e. Formation of thrombus is process of thrombosis f. Top 3 leading causes of death in 2005 had to do with atherosclerosis (disease of heart; malignant neoplasms; cerebral vascular diseases) g. Root meanings – adhere and hardening h. Lesions are localized thickening with lipid rich soft material inside (lipids deposited) i. Vessels involved: aorta, coronary, corroded, cerebral j. Focal thickening inner most layers of intima k. Part connective tissue, part lipid from plasma (plaque) i. Lipid in foam cells (macrophages) come from extracellular pools ii. Collagen from smooth muscle cells (sticking lipids into muscle muscles create collage plaque) iii. Calcium deposition (Ca + salts = soap) forms between and inside blood vessels II. Plaque a. Lipid (LDL derived from plasma) b. Collagen c. Calcium d. Overall: i. Core of acellular lipid encapsulated by connective tissue ii. Cap rich in collage and smooth muscle/connective tissue
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Pathology3 Athero - Atherosclerosis I. Definition a....

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