Pathology3 Virology - Virology-60 of all...

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Virology -60% of all infections -objectives: know disease and causes I. Viruses a. One type of nucleic acid i. RNA or DNA ii. DNA are icosahedral (20 sided) except pox iii. RNA is either icosahedral or helical b. Replication controlled by nucleic acid c. Cannot undergo binary fission d. Unable to make own energy e. Replicate only intracellular i. DNA intranuclear (except pox) ii. RNA in cytoplasm (except othromyxo and retro) f. Tropism II. Virology a. Viron – infective particle b. Genome (nucleic acid) + capsid OR genome + capsid + glycoprotein envelope i. DNA have no envelope, except herpes ii. RNA have envelopes except picornaviruses and reoviruses c. Access i. Entry ii. Tropism (selects certain cells, tissues, species; specific targets/receptors) iii. Receptor (receptor-ligand interaction) d. Transmission i. Vertical: mom to child ii. Horizontal: aerosols, fecal/oral, sec iii. Enters host enters susceptible cell replicates e. Attachment i. Random; via specific receptor ii. Penetrates cell wall (endocytosis or membrane fusion) iii. Uncoat genome 1. DNA replication: early, late 2. RNA replication 3. Retrovirus replication (leaves and takes some nucleic acid with) iv. Viral replication f. Effect on Host i. Effects depend on whether: 1. replication or not 2. Cells are lost or not (destroyed and replaced?) 3. loss due to lysis or shutdown (changes outcome) ii. No change latent iii. Cell death 1. lysis (replicated too big) – most likely necrotic 2. cessation of normal function (some shut down cell protein production) 3. immune mediated (cytolytic T cells, natural killer cells, ADCC)
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Pathology3 Virology - Virology-60 of all...

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