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Unformatted text preview: roved in performance despite not remembering the test Repetition Priming: Testing Implicit Memory First the list: Then LATER complete the word: But they s<ll can complete the fragment with the previously seen word ABSENT INCOME FILLY DISCUSS CHEESE ELEMENT ABS__________ INC__________ FIL__________ DIS__________ CHE__________ ELE__________ Amnesics don’t remember word list well Adapted from Graf, Squire, and Mandler, 1984.; from http://www.psy.ohio-state.edu/psy312/grsqmnd.html 4 2/25/09 H.M. •  Very large lesion •  In general, amnesic pa<ents w/ medial temporal lobe/hpc damage show intact implicit func<ons •  Abili<es vary depending on structures damaged (I.e. amygdala = impaired fear condi<oning What we learned from H.M. •  Difference b/w STM & LTM •  Memories consolidate: –  H.M. s<ll had some retrograde memories –  Had retrograde gradient of memory loss before surgery (OLD befer than RECENT) –  Memories may be stored temporarily in one structure, then move to be permanently stored elsewhere –  Hpc ‐‐> cortex Hippocampus (hpc) •  Seems to act as a “buffer” through which new informa<on about f...
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