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Unformatted text preview: erent brain structures Priming (neocortex) Eyeblink condi<oning in rabbit Human amnesia ‐ habit learning to compensate 7 2/25/09 Other causes of amnesia (explicit memory deficit) •  1) ischemia: loss of blood/oxygen to brain –  Pa<ent R.B. = very selec<ve hpc damage (CA1) & s<ll amnesic (but less than H.M.) –  Hpc damage sufficient for amnesia but other areas contribute •  2) Korsakoff’s disease: –  Vitamin deficiency due to alcoholism (thiamine) –  Severe retrograde & anterograde –  Gradual onset (hard to study ret. & ant. gradient) –  Damage to mediodorsal (MD) thalamus More selec<ve brain damage can produce explicit memory problems (amnesia), also Fig. 9.5 Pt R.B.: damage to CA1 area of hpc (very selec<ve) More selec<ve brain damage can produce explicit memory problems (amnesia), also Korsakoff’s amnesia: damage to MD thalamus (diencephalon area of brain) medial diencephalic amnesia (Korsakoff’s and Pt N.A.) 8 2/25/09 Other causes of amnesia •  3) Pa<ent N.A. : –  Fencing foil through MD thalamus –  Severe anterograde amnesia (verbal info b/c lang. on lek for him)   4) Alzheimerʼs disease: •  More general memory loss •  Explicit (ret. & ant.) + implicit...
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