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Anterogradeamnesia normalmemory forremoteevents

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Unformatted text preview: ild retrograde amnesia: can’t remember 2 yrs before surgery, but CAN remember childhood •  Severe anterograde amnesia: can’t form LTM for events AFTER surgery –  Can’t remember where he is, what he ate for breakfast, psychologists who have tested him for the past few decades Retrograde vs. anterograde amnesia normal memory for remote events (childhood, etc) Percentage of normal memory for HM, retrograde amnesia is approx. 2 yrs Retrograde and anterograde amnesia can occur together or separately (HM has both) Birth Time Time of Trauma Today HM also has this Percentage of normal memory Birth Time Time of Trauma Today H.M. •  Could show improvement on some tasks (LTM w/o conscious recollec<on of tasks) •  Implicit memory tasks: –  Mirror drawing: use mirror to trace an object –  Rotary pursuit: keep a pen in the same spot on turning disk –  Priming tests: incomplete pictures and repe<<on priming 3 2/25/09 HM could improve on task but didn’t recognize task each day HM imp...
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