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Learning outline

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Unformatted text preview: 2/25/09 Learning & Memory Learning and Memory ‐ the story of H.M. •  Pa<ent HM (1950’s): –  Severe epilepsy following bicycle accident –  Bilateral medial temporal lobes removed @ age 27 –  Included hpc & amygdala + surrounding ctx HM’s lesion: bilateral medial temporal lobe removal Entorhinal ctx amygdala Entorhinal ctx hippocampus hippocampus 1 2/25/09 HM = no hippocampus, amygdala, overlying (rhinal) cortex normal hpc HM = no hpc, no rhinal ctx Learning and Memory ‐ the story of H.M. •  Pa<ent HM (1950’s): –  Special b/c of extensive tes<ng prior to surgery –  Seizures reduced –  Intelligence, personality intact –  BUT severe memory problem Memory systems •  Defini<on: short‐term memory (STM) –  Flee<ng ‐ seconds to minutes –  7 +/‐ 2 chunks of info –  Need to rehearse (remember phone # long enough to dial it) –  Tests: digit span, phone number –  Working memory = processing info (test would be bkwd digit span) 2 2/25/09 H.M. •  STM ok (when not distracted) but can NOT form new LTM •  M...
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