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cumm. review

cumm. review - Final Exam – Cumulative Section Review...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam – Cumulative Section Review Sheet The cumulative section on the final will consist of short answer questions, fill in the blank, and matching. The questions will be straightforward (i.e. not in‐depth, but basic information related to the following topics). Fill out & elaborate on the topics on this sheet and you should be okay. The specific topics you will be tested on are: 1. Neuroanatomy – Study the brain sheet handout from the first part of the course. Also, be able to identify the function of the following structures and what would happen if they were damaged. a. Hippocampus b. Amygdala c. Neocortex (from memory lecture) d. Hypothalamus (from emotion lecture) e. Basal Ganglia f. Substantia Nigra 2. Methods – Know what each test measures (brain structure? function? memory? frontal lobe impairment? etc.), what clinical populations may be impaired on each task (e.g. schizophrenic patients perform poorly on WCST, etc.), and what some methods are useful for: a. EXAMPLE: EEG = provides good temporal resolution of brain activity, can determine different levels of consciousness but provides poor localization. Can measure different sleep stages. Measures brain function, not structure. b. Delay Non‐Match to Sample c. Wisconsin Card Sort Task d. Repetition Priming e. Water Maze f. Elevated Plus Maze g. MRI h. fMRI ...
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