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How To Eat A Steak - The only thing when cooking steak is...

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How To Eat A Steak By: Kendice Ogilvie Growing up on a farm you are brought up eating your own produce. Steak, considered one of the finest meats in the world, according to many North Americans. The best is on a hot summer day going outside to your barbeque, cooking your steak to perfection with a tender pink middle and with barbeque sauce slathered all around it. Cutting into the steak is especially rewarding once it hits your mouth with the warm, sensational taste.
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Unformatted text preview: The only thing when cooking steak is to make sure that you don’t over cook or under cook it because you will have the consequence of a tuff or rubbery steak, which still isn’t bad, but it isn’t perfection. There are also so many options for toppings you can have on steak like mushrooms, spices, sauces, or basically anything you really desire....
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