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Assignment 3 & 4 - Department of Electronics and...

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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal Basic Electronics Assignments 3 & 4 Questions to be answered in the same order given Answers to be written neatly Assignment to be submitted in A4 size unruled sheets only Last date for submission is 25 October 2006 1. Explain the operation of PNP transistor with neat diagram showing free electron and hole movements 2. Define the terms alpha and beta of a transistor and derive the relation between them. 3. Starting from the equation CBO E C I I I + = α , show that ( ) CBO B C I I I 1 + + = β β 4. For a fixed bias circuit using silicon transistor, if V CC = 12 V, R C = 2.2 K, R B = 240 K and beta = 50, calculate the values of I B , I C and V CE . Is transistor in active region? Justify your answer. 5. For a self bias circuit employing germanium transistor, if R 1 = 90 K, R 2 = 10 K, R C = 5.6 K, R E = 1 K, β = 55 and Vcc = 22 V, calculate I B , I C and V CE using Thevenin’s equivalent circuit. 6. Design a voltage divider biasing circuit using silicon transistor, given the
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