Test 1- Sociology Chapter 3

Test 1- Sociology Chapter 3 - Sociology Chapter 3: Culture...

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Sociology Chapter 3: Culture and Society Bilingualism and bi-culturalism Bilingualism: you can speak two or more different languages Bi-culturalism: more important; you can speak and be accustomed to the culture of two or more societies Culture The systems of ideas, beliefs, knowledge, norms, customs, and technology shared by almost everyone in a particular society Transmitted from one generation to another How you live Cultural elements Cultural elements: what you wear, what music you listen to, what kind of English you speak, all of the things listed in def. of culture o Material culture: the computer is a part of our culture, clothes, hairstyles, car o Nonmaterial culture: Symbols and Language o The most complicated type of symbol (something that represents something else) o Without language we cannot have our human society o Most fundamental characteristic of the human being o Every human society has at least a spoken language. It’s universal. o Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: We used to think language was a container of our thoughts. 40 years ago discovered that is wrong. Language decides how you think about your life, and society, beliefs, and values Language is very critical to define our minds The hypothesis that societies with different languages perceive the world differently because their members interpret the world through the grammatical forms, labels, and categories their language provides. Values as a basis of norms: supported by proverbs, folklores, and rituals Value: some sort of idea that we think is important for our society Punctuality, Honesty, Manners, achievement, success, laws
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Test 1- Sociology Chapter 3 - Sociology Chapter 3: Culture...

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