Test 1- COMD Notes 2050

Test 1- COMD Notes 2050 - COMD 2050 Thursday, August 30,...

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COMD 2050 Thursday, August 30, 2007 Notes Properties of Language Language: communication by means of sound or patterned movement. Both people and animals use language to communicate What is Human Language? A conventional (no direct relation between the sound and the meaning) system of signs that allows for creative communication of meaning Words are arbitrary: Dog- the animal. The sound doesn’t mean anything in any other language. Language is rule-governed Creative communication of meaning- we can say things that have never been said before When did human language start? Most religions have a story about when human language started Biblical tradition- God created Adam and eve, Adam called something a name and that’s what it was Hindu tradition- Creator of the universe gave a name to everything Pharaoh in Egypt- isolated children with Sheppard and goats and they started speaking the native King James of Scotland wanted to figure it out- isolated children. He decided children start speaking Hebrew. Bow-Wow Theory: words were created from sounds in the world. From onomonapia: drip, bang, splash, boom Nobody has an answer of where human language came from Human physiology Humans are the only ones that have a language like we do. It has to do with our physiology.
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Test 1- COMD Notes 2050 - COMD 2050 Thursday, August 30,...

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