Test 2- Sociology Chapter 5

Test 2- Sociology Chapter 5 - Chapter 5: Socialization...

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Chapter 5: Socialization Socialization : the lifelong process through which people are prepared to participate in society; this learning occurs in all interactions from the minute a baby is born; must learn about their culture including rules and expectations You have to be able to listen to authority, otherwise you can’t go to school Isn’t over when you leave your family or house Done by other people; you cannot socialize yourself What would happen if you’re by yourself? Wolf/isolated children and critical period Finding of two kids raised by wolfs rescued by human beings Found in the wolf mounds in India: 1 ½ yrs old(Kamala) and 8 yrs old (Amala) The younger one died, the 8 yr old died about 7 later Difficult to socialize- to actually make the 8 yr old stand up- a simple pattern If no one is around you, you won’t learn how to stand up If you’re socialized by a parent, you become a human Nature- nurture debate and recent synthesis (instinct?) Nurture: Most of our characteristics depend on how we were nurtured and raised Nature: It depends on you nature Am I smart because my parents stimulated me early on and read to me, or because it was nature Don’t debate like this any more because o Brain cell changes as a result of learning o Insomnia: you can’t sleep; our body is so much affected by our stimulus o Women after had a baby, when she hears crying of any baby, nipple gets ready for breast feeding Instinct: we have certain instincts to protect ourselves o Sexual and maternal? instinct o Everybody eats, sleeps, and has a sexual drive o Some women don’t raise kids and some men raise kids o Term we have to be careful with Symbolic Interaction You give symbols to other people; How we affect other people G. H. Mead: “Mind, Self, and Society” - taught at Chicago; one of the first sociologists in the country He wrote the book. His graduate students wrote it collectively after he died because it was a shame he didn’t write one while he was still living. The order should have been reversed: Society, self, and mind: because society affects yourself which affects your mind Talked about two things: play and game o When children are small they learn how to behave in a society through play (house) or game (baseball) o Small girls play with dolls- I’m your mom, you’re my baby o If boys do that, they’re screwed up! o
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Test 2- Sociology Chapter 5 - Chapter 5: Socialization...

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