Test 2- Sociology Chapter 4

Test 2- Sociology Chapter 4 - Sociology Chapter 4:...

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Sociology Chapter 4: Structure, groups and organizations Macro-aspects of society Social structure : Relatively stable patters of society, such as the ways in which people and groups are related to each other and the characteristics of groups influencing our behavior. o Age differences, how rich and poor are related, how male and female are related o Status, roles, groups, organizations, institutions: how we participate and act in society Social Status Status: a socially defined position that an individual occupies Ascribed: Cannot change, born with it Achieved: Married, job, major Status set: combination of all the statuses any individual holds at a given time Master status : in Japan, my master status would be a foreigner. Here it’s LSU student. Might be a negative status like ex-prisoner, carrier of AIDS Social Role Role: set of expectations and behaviors associated with your status in a given group or society Role set: set of expected behaviors; as an LSU student we’re supposed to go to games; as teenager supposed to have fun; learned through the socialization process Prescribed roles: describes what society suggests that we should do. For the status of student: attending class, listening, taking notes, studying, passing. Role perception: how you understand a particular role; the student’s role perception may be that its not necessary to attend every class, take notes, or get an A to pass Role performance: how well you play the particular role; what you actually do different from the prescribed role Role ambiguity, Role strain, and role conflict Role ambiguity: some roles are ambiguous, or unclear, and you don’t know how to behave; if your ex wife gets married again, how are you supposed to behave towards her new husband? Friend? Enemy? Role strain: results from a role overload or from contradictory demands and expectations built into a given status; a single mother have to play a role of mother and primary money maker; have to juggle those different roles. When you’re expected to study, go on a date, work, and listen to a friend all on the same night.
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Test 2- Sociology Chapter 4 - Sociology Chapter 4:...

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