Test 1- Sociology Chapter 2

Test 1- Sociology Chapter 2 - Sociology Chapter 2...

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Sociology Chapter 2 Methodology: process of doing sociology research SAT average n Louisiana: methodology defined because the average is of only those who took the SAT Concept and variable Concept: abstract system of meaning that enables us to perceive a phenomenon in a certain way. Ex. likelihood to be married Variable: more concrete; any concept with two or more values which vary from one case to another; whether you’re male or female, short or long hair Theory, proposition, hypothesis: abstract to concrete Theory: set of logically interrelated propositions that explains some process or set of phenomena in a testable fashion; made up of concept and variables; Abstract o Marriage is a better deal for men Proposition: statement about the nature of some phenomenon; generally consists of a statement about the relationship between two or more variables; o Social activity is related to student grades o Men are more likely to be married after divorce Hypothesis: a proposition that is formula and being tested; more concrete proposition that indicate how the stated relations can be tested o Students who attend more than one social activity per week have higher GPAs than those who don’t o The likelihood of men marrying after divorce is higher Positive and Negative relationships Wife abuse and husband’s arrest o Negative Relationship: One goes up, the other goes down, and vise versa. Ex. Two sociologists persuaded police of Minneapolis to do an experiment on wife abuse They were to arrest the husband no matter what, don’t do anything, or intervene. Get a certain color paper. They have no leeway unless wife is in danger. The sociologists believe that arrest makes a difference. Husband learns the lesson. Page 46- After several hundred cases, they found that arrest made a difference in a good way. Husband gets arrested, only 1/8 did it again, not arrested 1/5 did it again. Arrest made the difference (decrease) on further abuse. How much time you watch TV and your GPA o Positive Relationship: Wife Abuse Arrest goes up, abuse goes up: labeling theory Arrest goes down, abuse goes down: ^ Page 53- Also depends on husbands (un)employment When suspects husband is employed, arrest stops further abuse When husband is unemployed, arrest increased further abuse Study more, grades get better Middle range theory : social control and labeling theories o Social Control: (negative relationship ^) Deterrence (Prevention) theory; Our behavior can be
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Test 1- Sociology Chapter 2 - Sociology Chapter 2...

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