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FINAL EXAM REVIEW Terms EXAM I 1030 BC – tribes unite under Saul, succeeded by David, then by Soloman Solomon – built first Temple, had many foreign wives to form alliances, dies in 930 and the united kingdom splits into north and south, north capital Samaria, south Jerusalem North vs South – North inclusive Yahwism, South exclusive Yahwists, centralization of cult, bible written by those of the south so it shows a southern bias, south was Judah, north Israel, this religion was just like all other religions at the time with a patron god Southern writers present kings like Jeroboam, Ahab, and Ahab’s foreign wife Jezebel as evil since she worships Baal Assyrian empire rises 8 th -7 th centuries, they force conquered peoples to live in exile, but they never conquer Jerusalem so cult survives Josiah was king of Judah 640-609 and biblical writers loved him because he was a very exclusive Yahwist – Josiah’s Deuteronomistic reform – book of Deuteronomy 612 BC – Babylonia replaces Assyria as main power, Egypt supported Assyria and rode through Jerusalem to meet Babylonians, but was confronted by Josiah – Josiah was immediately killed by the pharoh at Megiddo 586 BC – Babylonian’s conquer Jerusalem and destroy Temple – Babylonian exile, Zedekiah the current king was caught trying to escape – eyes put out and sons killed before him 550-330 – Persian empire in power, allow Jews to return to Jerusalem (king Cyrus), called kingdom Yahud and rebuild temple, spoke Arabic rather than Hebrew from then on, Judah renamed Judea, 516 Second Temple finished, 486 Ezra arrived and taught Mosiac law – denied Samaritans from participating, 445-424 nehemiah serves as governor, rebuilt walls, opposed to Sanballat I, and Tobiah – now prohibition against foreign marriages, and exiled Jews seen as true Jews, rather than the Samaritans Satrapy was largest form of Persian gov’t, with the governor being the satrap Samaritans from their own worship on Mount Gerizim Sanballat III allies himself with Alexander the Great to get permission to build temple on Mt. G. Elephantine – Jewish military colony in Egypt that is allowed to build their own Temple to worship Yahweh
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Documentary Hypothesis – By Wellhausen – four different writers J,E,P,D – doublets, contradictions, refer to God as Elohim or Lord God EXAM II Alexander the Great & Hellenistic Period begins in 332 BC, conquered Persian’s and ruled from
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