Assignment 2 - buses To make it more appealing the City...

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Ian O’Connor 2611-8905 02-25-09 Assignment 2: Improving Motorized Vehicle Traffic Flow in Gainesville The automobile over the last century has, instead of becoming a cure –all for transportation, has become a social nuisance. The automobile once allowed people to quickly and painlessly travel long distances without having to take slower methods such as trains. Now the automobile is plaguing our society. There is an automobile for almost everyone in Gainesville now. This creates intense traffic congestion on roads such as Archer, Newberry and 13 th street at peak traffic hours of the day, resulting in money lost and heavy pollutant emissions in concentrated, high traffic zones. Gainesville, like many other cities of similar size needs a permanent fix to her traffic problem. The first step is to make public transportation more appealing. To do this, the City of Gainesville needs to cater to the needs of RTS, the Regional Transit System which is made up of
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Unformatted text preview: buses. To make it more appealing, the City needs to decrease the transit time for buses and trucks, while sacrificially increasing the time of travel for personal passenger vehicles. This could be done by devoting a “Fast lane” only for buses (and maybe trucks and carpools) on 6 lane arterial roads allowing them to travel unhindered by sluggish traffic. These fast lanes would only be devoted for busses at certain times of day, specifically rush hours. To speed up bus traffic, the City could also develop an automated system that allows RTS to dictate the changing of the traffic lights, which would allow RTS to change a light to green and keep it green as a bus approaches and passes through an intersection. This would increase the speed of bus traffic significantly and make up for inherent lost time that buses lose stopping at bus stops. It would also slow down personal vehicle traffic and encourage people to take public transportation....
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Assignment 2 - buses To make it more appealing the City...

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