Test 2- CHAPTER 20 Diversity of Fungi

Test 2- CHAPTER 20 Diversity of Fungi - NOTES FOR BIOLOGY...

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NOTES FOR BIOLOGY 1002 SECTIONS 001 and 002 Outline 1C CHAPTER 20 The Diversity of Fungi The Kingdom Fungi consists of organisms that are eukaryotic and mainly multicellular. They are all heterotrophic decomposers that obtain their food by absorption . This means we can have a cell wall that provides rigidity. The cell wall in the case of the fungi provides structure but also allows small molecules like amino acids to come in. There is some evidence that fungi and animals have commonality as far as where we came from in evolution. Very far back in evolutionary path. DNA data are similar. The family tree Bacteria, Archaea, Eukaraya isn’t the only way to go by. Most members of the Kingdom Fungi have several structural elements in common: Mycelium Hyphae (singular hypha ) Septa (singular septum ) Chitin Spores Mycelium -is the underground feeding network of a fungus. (See fig 20-1 a) the mushroom sticking out above the ground isn’t doing the absorbing. The top is responsible for reproductive needs. This network may be very large but is usually underground or within the surface of a decaying organism. The mycelium is composed of a woven mesh of hyphae. When it absorbs nutrients, it shares the wealth with the rest of the organism . Hyphae - the threadlike filaments of a fungus. (See fig 20-1 b) tube-like threads. Has structural stability to hold tube-like structure. That comes from the material that makes up the cell wall- chitin. These filaments are the building structure of the mycelium . They consist of a tubular cell wall containing chitin surrounding a plasma membrane and cytoplasm. Chitin
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Test 2- CHAPTER 20 Diversity of Fungi - NOTES FOR BIOLOGY...

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