Bad Outcomes in Black Babies

Bad Outcomes in Black Babies - e If the racial disparities...

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Bad Outcomes in Black Babies Race or Racism? By David and Collins 1. Infant mortality has increased over the last decade a. The ratio of black to white infant mortalities has increased from 1.61 to 2.08 over that period b. Black babies are born small and have high death rates 2. Two possible reasons why this disparity might occur a. Social and environmental factors that affect blacks more than whites b. If none of these factors are discovered to cause this problem, it must be a genetic or biological difference 3. Race: Biology or Sociology a. The biological concept of race has been abandoned by physical anthropologists b. Mortality rates for blacks in every disease is higher than whites c. Only condition which affects all races equally is congenital abnormalities d. Some racial disparities are housing, environmental pollutants, education, employment
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Unformatted text preview: e. If the racial disparities were the cause, then it would be nearly impossible to prove that genetics were the cause of this 4. Paradox of the Black Mother a. Black teen girls gave birth to heavier babies, while more affluent middle class black mothers had infants of lower birth weight 5. Parallels with race and hypertension a. Black women were more likely to internalize racial discrimination and that can lead to hypertension b. Psychological stress could be the reason black women differ from white women 6. New Direction for Research a. Racism is the cause of this birth weight discrepancy 7. Combating racism: A public health Imperative a. Legacy of racism is caused by lack of class consciousness and development of workers unions b. Lack of social welfare programs also causes birth weight discrepancy...
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Bad Outcomes in Black Babies - e If the racial disparities...

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