Chapter 2 Summary Part 2

Chapter 2 Summary Part 2 - Ian O’Connor 09-30-08 ANT2301...

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Unformatted text preview: Ian O’Connor 09-30-08 ANT2301 #0270 Chapter 2 Summary Part 2 Sex Research Methods and Considerations 1) Intro a) Researchers use different methods to find scientific correlations. i) Freud – case study methodology ii) Kinsey – questionaires iii) Other methods to gather data (1) Interviews (2) Lab experiments (3) Direct observation (4) Participant observation b) Research methods must meet standards i) Validity – The question or method measures what it was designed to measure ii) Realiability – Consistancy of measurement iii) Generalizability – Study can be applied to the population 2) Case Studies a) Researcher explores individual cases to determine a general hypothesis. b) Case studies can not be generalized, but can create hypotheses Ian O’Connor 09-30-08 ANT2301 #0270 c) Questionaire VS Interview i) Interview (1) Interaction with researcher encourages honesty in study (2) Vary order and skip questions that are not applicable ii) Questionaires (1) Anonymous – Participant more likely to answer personal questions (2) People may skip embarrassing questions d) Direct Observation i) Hard to find volunteers to have sex under observation ii) More credibility iii) Subjects can not exxagerate or give false information iv) Focuses on behavior only, does not take into account other...
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Chapter 2 Summary Part 2 - Ian O’Connor 09-30-08 ANT2301...

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