Circumcision Summary

Circumcision Summary - Greatest decline was in west in...

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Ian O’Connor 10/01/08 ANT2301 #0270 The Sorcerers Apprentice: Why Can We Stop Circumcising Boys? Robert Darby 1) American Medical Enigma a) America is one of the few countries in the world to practice circumcision. b) Circumcision was very popular in the early 20 th century in most English speaking countries. Now The United States is one of the few countries that circumcises boys. c) One half of newborn boys are circumcised routinely. 2) Reasons for circumcision a) Fear of masturbation b) Fear of contracting infection c) Rise of surgeons and use of surgery as a method to control diseases d) Medical policies covered circumcision e) Parents wanted generations of circumcision in their family f) The Armed Forces in World War II enforced circumcision of servicemen g) Foreskins are used for biomedical products h) Social norms 3) Circumcision Trends in America a) Peaked in 1970s and has been steadily dropping since b)
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Unformatted text preview: Greatest decline was in west in states like California c) Slight increase in southern states 4) Circumcision and race a) 81% of whites are circumcised b) 65% of blacks c) 54% of Hispanics 5) Circumcision and class a) 87% percent of men with college-educated mothers were circumcised Ian O’Connor 10/01/08 ANT2301 #0270 b) 62% percent without highschool educated mothers were circumcised 6) Health benefits a) Most people do not believe circumcision is more healthy than preserving a foreskin b) Uncircumcised men have less STDs on average than circumcised men c) The United States has the second highest HIV infection rate in the world 7) Conclusion a) Circumcision is an outdated medical procedure with no health benefits b) Irrational – Continued due to social pressures and norms c) Maintained to increase profits for surgeons and physicians...
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Circumcision Summary - Greatest decline was in west in...

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