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Ian O’Connor 11-19-08 Rachel Harvey Peer Review Paper In my humble opinion, the peer review portion of our sexuality research paper was time well spent. The process of reviewing your peers’ paper has many beneficial aspects to it. For one, it relieves the teaching assistant from having to personally read hundreds of ten page papers, which might total over a thousand pages read by the poor teaching assistant. Secondly, it results in more personalized attention between peers resulting in more peer bonding and the production of enhanced second and third drafts. It is common for some students, including myself on occasion, to save writing a paper for the last minute. This can result in sub-par projects. However, through this magnificent idea called peer review, I was able to get helpful criticism from my peers,
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Unformatted text preview: which resulted in an improved paper. For example, my peer review partner Debbie Alvarez, advised me to include more analysis of my sources. Max Bagen told me to include more parenthetical citations. I had many grammatical errors which I corrected, and I followed my peers’ advice which increased my paper length by almost three quarters of a page. I have the deepest feeling in my heart that my paper has greatly improved in many respects. I am very appreciative of peer review because it helps the one writing the paper evaluate and improve it based on another student’s perspective. This process should be employed in many other courses besides Human Sexuality and Culture....
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