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MBTI Essay According to my MBTI results, I have been classified as type ISFJ. According to this type, I have qualities such as providing practical help to others and devising efficient procedures to meet goals. Also, I may face challenges such as missing opportunities because I am reluctant to do necessary networking and make decisions that I think will please others. I believe that the ISFJ type suits me well. Either at work or in the classroom, I enjoy serving the needs of others and planning procedures to meet my goals. If anyone has trouble understanding something or if they need tutoring, I will gladly help them. Even if I have a busy schedule, I will make sure that I make time for the individual who needs help. When given a deadline, for example, given a project to do at work, I like to plan in advance so that I will not rush myself later. I believe that by doing this, I will face less stress and be able to enjoy other things. Networking is one of the most important things in life. It will help you in many ways. I
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Unformatted text preview: believe I must network more in order to be more successful. For example, I do not interact with everyone at my workplace. I mostly interact and network with other co-workers who are within my surroundings. If I begin to network with people in different departments, it will open new doors for me. I often try to do things that I think will please others instead of expressing myself. I believe that this is a good thing to an extent. But by expressing myself, I could give new ideas that could benefit both parties. My boss, to me, would be an ENFP. He is an individual who likes to focus on the big picture, but also tends to make decisions on subjective evaluation as well as keep his options open. Many individuals believe that the MBTI test does not truly evaluate their personality. However, this is the first time that I have taken an MBTI test and my results seem to reflect my personality....
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