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exam 2 study suggestions

exam 2 study suggestions - Sugar phosphates of the sugars...

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Exam 2 Study Suggestions Exam 2 will cover Chapters 6-10. Use your notes from reading the chapters, assigned textbook problems, lecture outlines on WebCT, and the list below to prepare for exam 2. Use old exam 2 and old exam 3 question 1 to quiz yourself on the material. Structures you should know how to draw for exam 2 All 20 amino acids A peptide bond The reduced forms of NAD + , FAD, and Q given the oxidized forms or the oxidized forms of NADH + H + , FADH 2 and QH 2 given the reduced forms (including partially oxidized forms) glyceraldehyde dihydroxyacetone ribose xylose arabinose glucose mannose galactose ribulose fructose linear and cyclic forms of the carbohydrate listed above (when applicable)
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Unformatted text preview: Sugar phosphates of the sugars above given the location of the phosphate group 2-deoxy-D-ribose Glycerol Be able to recognize the sugar derrivatives The 4 disaccharides shown in figure 8.20 Know the types of sugars and the type of linkage for starch, glycogen, cellulose and chitin myristate palmitate stearate oleate linoleate linolenate triacylglycerol phosphatidate phosphotidylcholine phosphotidylethanolamine phosphatidylserine Be able to recognize the following: sugar derivatives, ceramide, sphingomyelin, cerebrosides and gangliosides Formulas from Chapter 10 will be provided on the exam...
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