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test 3 -- 2005 - Examination III VPHY 3100 Elements of...

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Examination III VPHY 3100 Elements of Physiology November 7, 2005 1:25 - 2:15 p.m. 1. Which one of the following plasma proteins is NOT produced by the liver? A. albumin. B. α globulin. C. β globulin. D. * γ globulin. 2. The name “polymorphonuclear cells” refers to: A. *neutrophils. B. eosinophils. C. basophils. D. monocytes. 3. The main function of CD39 enzyme on the endothelial membrane is to: A. dilate blood vessels. B. *convert blood ADP to AMP. C. inhibit platelet aggregation. D. expose collagen fibers. 4. The intrinsic pathway of clotting formation is initiated by: A. thromboplastin of the surrounded tissues. B. serotonin of the attached platelets. C. *collagen of the damaged blood vessels. D. phospholipids of the platelet membrane. 5. The major difference between blood plasma and serum is: A. *fibrinogen. B. immunoglobulins. C. prostaglandins. D. hormones. 6. Which one of the following compounds is NOT an anticoagulant? A. Heparin. B. EDTA. C. *Vitamin K. D. Coumarin. 7. The EDV: A. is contributed solely by ventricular relaxation. B. is contributed mainly by atrial contraction. C. *is contributed mainly by ventricular relaxation. D. is contributed about equally by ventricular relaxation and atrial contraction. 1
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Pressure Volume Heart Sound ECG Time 1 2 3 4 5 a b c d v w x y z 6 7 e Questions #8 - 10 are based on the above figure about changes of cardiac pressure and ventricular volumes: 8. The cardiac cycle during volume change “3” is called A. phase of rapid filling. B. phase of rapid ejection. C. isovolumetric relaxation. D. *isovolumetric contraction. 9. The second heart sound occurs during A. a. B. b. C. *c. D. d. 10. The P wave in ECG occurs during A. *v. B. w. C. x. D. y. 11. The spontaneous fluctuation of resting membrane potential in SA node is mainly due to: A. Na + channels. B. *slow Ca 2+ channels. C. fast Ca 2+ channels. D. K + channels.
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test 3 -- 2005 - Examination III VPHY 3100 Elements of...

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