Chapter 7

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Physical and Chemical Control of Microbial Growth Terminology Terminology Sterilization: removing or killing all microbes; inactivating viruses A “steriliant” destroys not only bacteria and fungi but also viruses Disinfection: reducing the number of microbes A "disinfectant" is a chemical used on inanimate objects An "antiseptic" is non­toxic enough to use on external human tissues Terminology Terminology Sanitization: reduce microbes to an acceptable level for public health, suggests clean appearance Pasteurization: brief heat treatment to reduce spoilage in food products such as wine or milk Preservation: delays spoilage by inhibiting microbial growth Germicides: chemicals that kill Terminology Terminology Removal of cidal agents does not result in re­growth Bactericide, fungicide, viricide, algicide, etc. Static agents: inhibit growth but do not kill; "static" refers to staying the same Removal or dilution of static agent results in resume...
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