chapter 7

Method used for some milk and juice products long

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Unformatted text preview: enclosed vessel and steam builds up inside creating pressure High pressure allows higher temperature than boiling to be achieved Commercial food canning designed to destroy endospores of Clostridium botulinum Physical Methods­ Heat Physical Methods­ Heat Pasteurization: Ultra­high temperature (UHT) method used for some milk and juice products Long shelf­life of product: 140­150°C for 1­3 sec Milk and milk products Flash pasteurization (high temperature short term­ HTST) also used 72°C for 15 sec Used with things like eggs (i.e. Eggbeaters) Refrigeration: Physical Methods­ Low Physical Methods­ Low Temperatures 4°C retards growth of non­psychrophiles If materials left at room temperature or warmer, mesophiles can then begin growing causing spoilage Freezing: 0°C retards growth of most organisms When warmer temps are provided, growth resumes­ does no...
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