Test 3- Sociology Chapter 8

Test 3- Sociology Chapter 8 - Chapter 8: Race and Ethnicity...

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Chapter 8: Race and Ethnicity Race: biological vs. sociological, for convenience Primarily biological, but not 100% because what about the mixed people? In U.S. we have two categories: black and white Race is primarily a sociological concept. We use the word for convenience. Putting someone in a category, we think we understand something about them. Because he’s white he must be___. Chances are they’re correct. But it may be 60-80%. If you get hurt and you’re bleeding, you’re brought to he hospital, they don’t write down your race because it doesn’t matter. Not a sufficient concept in sociology. Hispanics: many are mixture between white and natives and even Asian. This is where ethnicity comes in. Ethnicity: Shared cultural identity. May be a language, where they came from, a religion. Race/Ethnicity We don’t realize it, but we put it together. Distribution in the U.S.: what kind of people we have in this country: In 2005, 68% non Hispanic white. 12% African American. 13% Hispanic. African American is not the largest minority group anymore. Hispanic is going up even faster than African American is. White is going down big time. In 30-40 years it will go down below 50%, taken over by Hispanics who will increase 25%. Asian also increasing because of open boarder, big family, more opportunity in the U.S. This does not mean white will become a minority Minority group: Not based on#: White Americans will become less than 50 percent but doesn’t mean they’ll become minority Opposite isn’t majority, it’s “dominant group” Doesn’t have to do with number. Usually a small portion of society, but not necessarily. Social norms of country supported white people of being in power: we don’t have to go to S.Africa to see this. Our own society, the minority group is more than 50%. Women. Men are often called the dominant group: they have power, control our economy, make decisions. Expectations for each gender: what to do at work, with the family Those norms support men with social achievement. Some norms may direct women to devote more time to family. Depends on each individual- based on probability. Racial/Ethnic Identity: How you feel about yourself; Sense of belongingness Ethnic work: technique of masking identity or showing off identity. These people picked all-American names to help their fame. Want the all-American image. o Tom cruise: Thomas Mapother IV o Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf: Chris Jackson: basketball player changed is name because of his religion o Nicholas Cage: Nicholas Coppola o John Denver: Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. o
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Test 3- Sociology Chapter 8 - Chapter 8: Race and Ethnicity...

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