NOTES ARABIC LIT - NOTES About Chapter [1] OF the Lion and...

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NOTES About Chapter [1] OF the Lion and the Bull (Kalilah and Dimnah) +Consider the question of Freewill versus Destiny (Fate) in the writing +Consider the question of the Power of Argument versus Fixed Truth in the writing + Consider the question of World View in this writing: it speaks from a negative, scary, and dangerous view of the world. ========================== Maqama Notes— Two Main Characters (fictional) 1. Isa Ibn Hisham is narrator; most stories begin with the idea of “I was on my way to ( a city) and this is what happened to me” Though a fictional character, there was a historical man named Isa Ibn Hisham who was a minor transmittor of the Hadith. Hadith are made of 2 parts—Isnad and Matn. Isnad lists the chain of transmission of the Hadith; geneology was used as a means of legitimizing or rejecting the truth of each hadith in order to have the compilation of Hadith that exist today In the opening of the Maqamat (pg 26) “Isa Ibn Hisham related to us and said…” the verb for ‘said’ is haddathana which is the verb used at beginning of Hadith. Thus the author is making an illusion/parody of the Hadith; he’s on the edge of blasphemy 2. Abu al-Fath al-Iskandari is the trickster; (al-Iskandari means from Alexandria in Arabic) Main Topic: Isa Ibn Hisham gives alms (an Islamic requirement) many times. But why and when does he give them? In 1st Maqama pg 29, the trickster (al-Iskandari) who is disguised as a beggar recites a poem and it is after this recitation that Isa Ibn Hisham gives him money At the end of this Maqama the trickster reveals his identity, look from the line “He laughed and recited—‘Sirrah the times are false….” To te hend of that paragraph In 2nd Maqama first paragraph “He had his little ones by his side and bore his babes
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NOTES ARABIC LIT - NOTES About Chapter [1] OF the Lion and...

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