Test 3- Sociology Chapter 9

Test 3- Sociology Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Gender Sex...

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Chapter 9 Gender Sex: Biological (XX,XY, etc.) characteristic Refers to biological characteristics: the genetic, hormonal, and anatomical differences between males and females Sex isn’t clear because some people have genetic defects XXX or XXY Everyone starts as a female biologically. XX and XY are “natural forms” Difference between them are very small before puberty Biological difference is completely by hormone. Has nothing to do with chromosomes. Their role is over by the time you’re out of your mother’s womb. XX or XY Hormones/genitals/testis/ovaries male or female Gender: sociological Gender: refers to social difference between the sexes, specifically to the cultural concepts of masculinity and femininity Male/female difference called gender in sociological terms It’s a social status: what males and females are supposed to do. Determined by each society and each time. In order for us to say “gender” we like to talk about concrete behavioral cult Gender Role Role is an appropriate behavior for your status Gender is a status Gender role is an appropriate behavior for your gender Gender in cross-cultural settings: #, roles, biological/symbolic # of gender: 2. o A 3 gender society: male, female, nadal. Nadal is a clear 3 rd group. Because of a defect/sensitivity to hormone when he was an embryo, his biological organs didn’t develop and doctor isn’t sure, he becomes natal. If a woman wants to become nadal, she can call herself nadal. o 4 gender society: African tribes: biological male, social male, biological female, social female. o Number of genders is not universal. Most societies have 2 genders. Difference in gender roles o Typical of US 50 years ago: Men supposed to go out and work and women stay inside with family o Not any more! Majority of married women are in labor force Biological symbolic determine of gender: Margaret mead: o Did survey of three diff societies in south pacific Looked at gender roles o One tribe: both men and women were feminine o One where feminine hated child care and gave the child to husband when it was over o Concluded that gender roles aren’t set in stone Symbolic characteristics o Women and Water: For a long time in society, woman and water were associated with each other. Women are “men with wombs;” when baby comes out, water comes out o Yam is man product and sweet potatoes are women product. Men don’t even let women know where they grow. Yam better for your health. Supposed to enhance your sexual ability. This reflects a gender difference in power. o Hunting is a men’s job: when they get the game, they become in a festive mood. Anthropologists study how much calories they take from hunting animals and gathering. Gathering produces much more calories 60-80% Childbirth and physical strength as a source of gender roles?
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To some extent, but doesn’t explain everything Even now, married men are more likely to work more than married women
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Test 3- Sociology Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Gender Sex...

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