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Physics 310: Biological Physics Spring Semester, 2009 Week 2: Reading, 2/2/09 READING THIS WEEK: 1. Finish Nelson Chapter 3. Section 3.3 2. Nelson Chapter 4 up to p. 127. 3. A. Einstein’s original 1905 paper on Brownian motion. Don’t worry if the Einstein paper is tough going on a ±rst read. By the middle of the term, you should be able to read it all. Note that this is one of Einstein’s ”Big Four” papers from 1905: The other three were the photoelectric e²ect, special relativity, and E = mc 2 . See: Note: The Binomial distribution demos shown in class are at:
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Unformatted text preview: stark/Java/Html/BinHist.htm . A Brownian motion applet is available at: READING FOR NEXT WEEK: Finish Chapter 4. PROBLEM SET 2: Due Wednesday, Feb. 11 in class Problem 1: Nelson “Your turn 3F Problem 2: Nelson “Your turn” 3J Problem 3: Nelson “Your turn” 3K Problem 4: Nelson “Your turn” 3L Problem 5: Nelson 3.2 Problem 6: a) Nelson C3.6 (b) What’s the probability of exactly 2 ±ves? Problem 7: Nelson “Your turn” 4A 1 Problem 8: Nelson “Your turn” 4B Problem 9: Nelson 4.1 2...
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Biophysics HW2 -

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