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Physics 310: Biological Physics Spring Semester, 2009 Week 3: Information and Assignments, 2/09/09 WEEK THREE READING: Finish Chapter 4. Read writeup for ±rst lab. First lab will start on Thursday. You should come to the lab on the fourth ²oor at either 12 or 1:30. READING FOR WEEK FOUR: 1. Nelson, Chapter 5. 2. Handout on turbulence and the Reynolds number. 3. Handout on cell motility. Note: The ”your turns” in Chapter 5 will not be assigned but you should do them to solidify
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Unformatted text preview: your understanding as you read. PROBLEM SET 3: Due Wednesday February 18 Problem 1: Nelson C.4.13. Problem 2: Nelson “Your turn” 4E. Problem 3: Nelson “Your turn” 4F. Problem 4: Nelson 4.3. Problem 5: Nelson 4.4. If you don’t want to plot D vs. 1/R try evaluating the product DR and explain why this is a good idea. Problem 6: Nelson 4.5 (a) only. Problem 7: Nelson 4.7. Problem 8: Nelson “Your turn” 4G. Problem 9: Nelson C4.17 (a) and (b). 1...
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