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2009 Instructor: PC Huang, Professor BMB and Biophysics Teaching Assistant: Molly Plovanich, Biophysics Classroom: Hodson 210, Homewood Campus, Johns Hopkins University 1/26/09 PC Huang, Ph.D. Professor BMB Trends in Biomedical Research 2/2/09 Elizabeth Jaffee, M.D. Professor Oncology Genes, vaccines and immune checkpoints: an all out attack on pancreatic cancer 2/9/09 Haiqing Zhao, Ph.D. Asso Pro Biology Mechanisms regulating sensitivity and response kinetics of olfactory sensory neurons 2/16/09 Machiko Shirahata, M.D., D.M.Sc. Professor Physiology When and how the carotid body becomes an oxygen sensor 2/23/09 Doug Barrick , Ph.D. Professor Biophysics How do proteins fold? 3/2/09 Denise Montell, Ph.D. Professor Biological Chemistry Movies, models and more - the molecular geneticsof cell migration
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