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2009 Instructor: PC Huang, Professor BMB and Biophysics [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Molly Plovanich, Biophysics [email protected] Classroom: Hodson 210, Homewood Campus, Johns Hopkins University 1/26/09 PC Huang, Ph.D. Professor BMB Trends in Biomedical Research [email protected] 2/2/09 Elizabeth Jaffee, M.D. Professor Oncology Genes, vaccines and immune checkpoints: an all out attack on pancreatic cancer [email protected] 2/9/09 Haiqing Zhao, Ph.D. Asso Pro Biology Mechanisms regulating sensitivity and response kinetics of olfactory sensory neurons [email protected] 2/16/09 Machiko Shirahata, M.D., D.M.Sc. Professor Physiology When and how the carotid body becomes an oxygen sensor [email protected] 2/23/09 Doug Barrick , Ph.D. Professor Biophysics How do proteins fold? [email protected] 3/2/09 Denise Montell, Ph.D. Professor Biological Chemistry Movies, models and more - the molecular geneticsof cell migration [email protected]
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  • Spring '09
  • MarkRobbins
  • Biology, pH, Pk, Johns Hopkins University, Professor Professor Asso Pro Professor Professor Professor Professor BMB Oncology Biology Physiology Biophysics Biological Chemistry Cardiology, Professor Professor Asst Prof Asso Prof Professor Professor Professor Professor Biological Chemistry MMI Biology, Professor Professor Professor

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