Isolation of Caffeine Lab Results

Isolation of Caffeine Lab Results - If you have 0.15 grams...

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Print Form Chem 30.225 Lab Report Worksheet Lab EF Isolation of caffeine from tea Name Drawer Number This worksheet is due at the beginning of the lab period on your G lab day. 2. (1 pt) How much crude caffeine did you isolate? 3. (2 pt) What was your % recovery of caffeine? 4. (3 pt) Please tape your TLC plate in the box. Measure the distances traveled by chlorophyll, caffeine and the solvent front. Record those distances in the spaces below, and CLEARLY MARK the distances you measured on or next to the attached TLC plate. 1. (1 pt) What is the mass of tea leaves that you used? the solvent front? chlorophyll? caffeine? chlorophyll? caffeine? 5. (4 pt) What are the R f values for 6. (4 pts) Which compound has a higher R f value? Briefly explain why by discussing the intermolecular forces present in the molecules.
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7. (11points) The distribution coefficient between caffeine and water is 4.6.
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Unformatted text preview: If you have 0.15 grams of caffeine dissolved in 100. mL of water, what is your theoretical recovery if you a) extract once into 15 mL dichloromethane? b) extract twice into separate volumes of 15 mL dichloromethane each time? c) extract once into 30 mL dichloromethane? 6. (30 pts) Staple an experimental section. Remember, the goal of the experimental is to allow a person who is skilled in the general techniques of organic chemistry to repeat your experiment. Therefore they know how to perform different techniques, but need to know the exact amounts that they need to use in this experiment. They also need to be able to compare the characterization data that you obtained to the characterization data that they obtain....
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Isolation of Caffeine Lab Results - If you have 0.15 grams...

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