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Test 3 Cheat Sheet

Test 3 Cheat Sheet - Social stratification ;more struct 4a...

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Social stratification Stratification nequality;more struct 4a large grup.may b inequality btwn 2 incomesfather/ son. Stratification in BR.Inequality can busd 4 both: 1-1 relationship n grups.universal:evry society has it. Lenski :looked at longrange history of our society;said theres path wewent thru frm most prim mostadvancd. that type ofsociety explains inequality that exists. Diff types of societies: Hunt/gather : not much tech;bow n arrow;men hunts,women gathr veggies.have to move around.litle div.of labor.no surplus.Strat.is lil; amnt of inequality vry small. Wom/men= bc huntin notmucfood.Wom collect60-80calsindiet compard 2M. Hortic ultural :thins didnt change much.some tools,plant some by hand, doesnt give u much food.Techn is min.Divis labor lil.notmuchsurplus.Strat very lil. BIGGEST CHANGEHERE.Agrarian: distinctionmade by metal/iron.critical bc madeplow:now have+surplus.As a result, strat,some became awfully rich,n poor.So there was a divis of labor:owner n share crpr.Rich richer, poor poorer.Poss.largs strat inhistBegin.of inequality.evrythn ab sociol. Industrialized: IRTech:steam enginepwer.dont have2 use animals.Divisoflabor advanced:developededu,politics,econ.Surplus is a lot but now wehav alot ofrich instedof justhandful inAgrarian.4 evry1, livin standards wentup. Post-industrialsociety: most advancd.comps n infor made diff btwn it n industri.Other than that,not muchdiff frm industr MaxWeber p ower defned by3things: Class wealth,material aspects ofour socialstatus Status :how old a particfam is;how wellknown they r regardless of $ or party Parties :group memb ship in acertain society;ifu belng2a partic group, life fullsuccess:in socialist china wheth ura comm or notmakesdiff inlife.If anofficialcom memb,many jobs open etc. A social class: categ pplwhohavapprox same amntpower/wealth n same life chances 2 acquirewealth. defined bycurrnt status nlifechangs. Socio-econo mic status: 3 compnts.Income easy 2fig out.Educ: easy Occupa :not esy Occupational prestige scores: subjct.nothn set instone.Mite b diffin US,Mex,China.list occupw/partic #scollected list evry decade.No1 has taken scorespast 18ys. Probs :favor witecollar .punish bluecollar which may payalot Gender :W more likely 2hav office type whitcollar job.Mmore likly hav bluejobWs jobstend 2b favoredinscore.Ifcompare avg score 4W/M,Ws prestige higher thanM.I nterestin bc Wsavge incomelower thanM Theories of Stratification Functionalism : must b a funct in inequality.Universal bc w/o strat dont get some job done:physician:stress/have 2give 100% patientdies.rewards 4wat thydo.Wehave to rward ppl who dotough jobs. Supply n Demand 4certain jobs : high dmand,lowsupply:price goesup Dysfunctions :Limitproductivity :some from a disa dvntged fam backround.May not b able 2 achieve as much as u could as a result of structural inequality. U try to get good edu/be prodctiv citizen,but ur ability maynot be exprssed under stratsystem. For overall society, productivity gosdown. Creates animosity: jealousy. dont likecuntry 2sys.Result frm 2muchstrat.
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