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Test 4- Sociology Chapter 11

Test 4- Sociology Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Family Family as...

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Chapter 11: Family Family as one of the Social Institutions Institution : cluster of status’ n roles that take care of partic. status’ in life o Fams : take care of need of socialization o Religion : w/o it ppl may not have place2 worship God o Education : w/o it ppl would not have place 2learn One of the characteristics of institution : Connected/affect/depend on each other. What is Family? Fam: group of ppl group of ppl related by blood, marriage, adoption. Wat ab re-marriages n step-relatives a bf living w/mom4 10 years? Sociologists gave up bc we kno wat it is in our gut feelin. Partic. concept doesn’t always have2b defined bc we all agree. We have2 make 1distinction tho: Fam/household o When we say family in everyday language it has 2 different meanings: Who u live w/: Mom dad, sister, brother Who u go to thanksgiving w/: Cousins, Uncles Nuclear fam and Extended fam: Nuclear : combo of WnM who r married. Hav2kids GnB. Basic unit of nuclear fam. Married ppl w/ unmarried children. Married couple w/o kids is still nuclear fam. o Nuclear fam household : chances r evry1 in 1 household is nuclear fam Extended : nething beyond that. Ur gma/cousins. o Extended family household : extended family lives with you mostly bc of lack of income o Proportion of ppl living in extended fam household: Asian: more upward Black: more downward White: all very low.. .explanation is economy. Have most income. o Young people are more likely to live in extended. o Modified Extended Fam. structure : household is nuclear, but we still stay in touch w/extended. Most white live in nuclear fam still in evryday life Americans rnt isolated frm extended fam. Thanksgiving, Christmas. Fam of orientation and Fam of procreation: Most of us end up having two families Orientation : fam where u came from Procreation : fam you create.ex. kids/spouse Marriage Rules:
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Monogamy : single-marriage. What we have in U.S.n many others. A lot of people get married2 more ppl aftr divorce /widowed. Not so much monogamy nemore. Called... Serial monogamy : series of monogamy. Marriages to 1 person. Polygyny : 1 husband, 2 or more wifes at same time. Most pop. besides monogamy. o Very common in Arabic countries: Saudi Arabia o Set rules: usually up to 4 wives. Not everyone is married to 4 W. Wouldn’t be enough W. o Minority of M married to 2+ W at same time. Who are they? Wealthy middle-aged M! o Bc marriage isnt ab romantic relationship. More ab economic arrangemnt. Business relationships; the more wives, more wealthy. 4 buisness partners, 4 huts. o Regulation night w/ each wife. Otherwise jealousy. o Sometimes M dies/W bcm widows.Bring in new M n 4 W stick together. Dont want to separate. Ployandry : 1 W, 2+ husbands at same time o Not common.
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Test 4- Sociology Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Family Family as...

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